Products Level Discount

Step # 1:

  • For the “Products LEVEL DISCOUNT” open wholesale app and click on the “Add Discount Rule”

Step # 2:

  • In the next window you will see multiple attributes to be set according to your demand.
  • You have to fill the following fields to set the Discount Rule
  • Customers type:
  • You can apply discount rule to any type of customers.
    ✔ All customers
    ✔ Only logged in customers
    ✔ Specific tag based customers
  • Discount type:
  • Set discount either fixed amount, percentage discount or volume discount
  • Apply discount rule to:
  • Select Specific Products and click on “Select Products” Product Picker will pops-up with all the
    Products of the store Select the Product on which you want to apply the discount Click the “Add” button
    on the bottom-right of picker pop-up
  • Then you can see your Products will be added
  • You can view and change the Products by clicking on Products Selected button
  • Click on Apply Discount Rule:
  • The Discount Rule for Entire Store will be set and you will see the next window in the following image

Step # 3:

  • Now you can check your store that Discount rule is working on your store or not by adding multiple items to the cart.
  • $10 discount is set in “Specific Products Discount Rule”. Discount is applied on “Bondi Band 3” Tapered Wicking headband” and it is first product in the cart. So it is getting discount of $10.