Volume Based Discount

Step # 1:

  • For the “VOLUME BASED DISCOUNT” open wholesale app and click on the “Add Discount Rule”

Step # 2:

  • In the next window you will see multiple attributes to be set according to your demand.
  • You have to fill the following fields to set the Discount Rule
  • Customers type:
  • You can apply discount rule to any type of customers.
    ✔ All customers
    ✔ Only logged in customers
    ✔ Specific tag based customers
  • Discount type:
  • Set discount either fixed amount, percentage discount
    Select Apply Volume Discount just below the Value Field
    Click on +ADD button
    Enter Minimum Quantity and Discount Value
    You can add more than one volume by just clicking on +ADD button 2 volume are added
    1. If the product has more than 2 and less than 5 Quantity then it will get $5 discount
    2. If the product has more than 5 Quantity then it will get $5 discount
  • Apply discount rule to:
  • You can apply volume discount on any of the below 4 option
    1. Entire Store
    2. Specific Product
    3. Specific Collection
    4. Specific Variant
  • Click on Apply Discount Rule:
  • The Rule for Volume Discount will be set and you will see the next window in the following image
  • Volume Discount is applied to Entire Store

Step # 3:

  • Now you can check your store that Discount rule is working on your store or not by adding multiple items to the cart.
  • You can see the Volume table on the product page.
  • When Quantity is set 2, the product gets the discount of $5 in the cart page